In Amerika zijn in 1 week tijd 15 mensen overleden in lawines in 6 Amerikaanse staten. Dat is qua lawines de dodelijkste week ooit in dat mooie land. Van twee hebben we video. Deze liep goed af…

Deze liep zeer slecht af ….

Van dit artikel op CNN lenen we even de overige gevallen:

    • Moughamian and three others were killed this weekend when an avalanche swept through a backcountry ski area near Salt Lake City on Saturday. Theirs are the most recent in a string of deaths caused by avalanches in six states:
    • A 57-year-old Utah man was killed when he was caught in an avalanche near Park City Mountains Canyons Village resort a week ago, just a few miles from the site of Saturday’s avalanche.
    • Jessen and two other skiers, who were all local government officials, were killed in an avalanche in Colorado on Monday. Their bodies were recovered Wednesday.
    • In New Hampshire, the body of a skier was recovered Wednesday after an avalanche in the White Mountain National Forest.
    • Five snowmobilers were caught Saturday in an avalanche on Montana’s Swan Range and one was buried in snow and subsequently died, according the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.
    • On February 3, a backcountry skier and snowboarder were caught in an avalanche near Etna Summit in California. The snowboarder survived but the skier was buried by snow and despite an hour of CPR by his partner, he was unable to be revived and died.
    • In Alaska, Nyman and two other climbers were reported missing on February 2 after they had not returned from a hike on Bear Mountain in Chugach State Park. During the search, Alaska State Troopers discovered what appeared to be a recent avalanche. In the avalanche slide area, troopers found the bodies of the three missing climbers buried in the snow.
    At least 21 people in the US have died in avalanches since the start of the season in December 2020, according to, a site from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center that tracks nationwide avalanche accidents. Avalanches caused devastating damage across the world this week, too: A glacier burst triggered an avalanche in India’s northern Uttarakhand state on Sunday, killing at least 19 people.

    Afsluitend moeten we helaas nog de tragisch dood melden van de 45-jarige Italiaanse bergbeklimmer Carlalberto Cimenti, beter bekend als “Cala” en een 50-jarige vriend Patrick Negro. De twee zijn quasi in hun eigen achtertuin in het Susadal in Piemonte onder twee meter sneeuw dood geborgen. Cimenti was beroemd geworden met de beklimming van de Nanga Parbat in 2019. Hij was vooral ook een alpinist die met ski’s van de hoogste toppen afdaalde. Komende zondag zou hij 46 geworden zijn. Negro was geen bekende Alpinist. Dit is een mooi in memoriam op


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